What's In A Quarter?

Estimated Cuts Of A Quarter Of Grass Fed Beef

Quarters are standard cut and the cuts below are based on an estimated average hanging weight of 150 lb. which can vary. In a quarter you can expect:

T-bone steaks 5-6 steaks

rib steaks 5-6

filet mignon 2-3

sirloin steaks 2-3

chuck steaks 2-4

top round steaks 2-4

cube steaks 4-8

2-3 packs of ribs

4 packs of stew meat

1 package flank strip steak

2 pot roasts

2 chuck roasts

2-3 boneless roasts; sirloin tip and rump

about 20 to 25# of burger

3-4 packs of soup bones or 2 packs dog bones

Beef halves are roughly double the above amounts and are cut and wrapped to our customer's specifications. We will email you a cut sheet and instructions to help you make your choices.

Please note that a hanging weight means the weight when a beef is butchered, weighed and rolled into the cooler for aging. Depending on the cut a beef will have a cutting loss of about 30 to 37% from hanging weight to finished product. We do a very nice job of trimming to minimize cutting loss so your receive the maximum amount of Grass Fed Beef back. 

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