Sausage Making- Chemical Free

Sausage We Can Make For You- Chemical Free!

Joe is a Master Sausage Maker. His experience is specifically tailored to creating recipes without added nitrates, nitrites, msg or common allergens such as dairy, gluten, corn, nuts, soy or eggs.

The only thing you will receive is your meat and the spices used to create your sausage. 

We offer Fresh (not smoked) and Smoked Sausages. 

You can have your Fresh Sausage in bulk form (like burger) or in a casing.

Smoked Sausage must be in a casing.

Try our Hot Dogs, large old fashion style, yum!

We also make terrific Jerky and Pepperoni.

Need some spicy, sweet Italian for your spaghetti? We can do it.

For list of sausages and prices click on link below:

Sausage Price List



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