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Mike Cramer's lovely haylage.Jordy Hutson and Joe at the cutting table. Derek in the background.Joe and Jordy cutting meat.Rounding up the cattle at neighbors Mark and Cindy's Bender's pasture.On Uncle Lee Markholt's wall at the original Markholt family farm in Tacoma.Ken Watrous handing out the fig newtons to his babies.The wonderful field family members of our friends Adele and Ken Watrous waiting for their fig newtons.Dagwood rolling in the dirt.How would you like it if your kids did this when they were hungry?Swallow chicks screaming to be fed.Swallow parent coming in hot with food.Swallow chicks waiting to be fed. I watched this nest for a long time and not one chick fell out which is quite miraculous.Barn swallow parent.Old Mother Hubbard was a slacker compared to this mom.More hidden peeps.Jessie thinks she could be a better mother to those chicks.2017 solar eclipse.Full moon fever at dawn looking west over the pastures and trees.Uriah roping the dummy.Joe practicing for cattle roundup.Joe feeding hay.Joe in the old hay hauler.Uriah Markholt at the wrap table.Joe Markholt in the cutting room.Derek Lampert at the wrap table.Healthy soil, healthy cattle, healthy elk.How come they always get all the best grass?Nieces Bethany and Makenna lending a needed hand.We can't go on together with suspcious minds.Strapping down the load.Powered by American muscle.A new calf crop.Uriah and Joe roundin up the herd on horseback.Wow!Our little Bea.Goats and cattle and elk, oh my!Joe and Uriah MarkholtSona MarkholtJoe prepping a hay areaHarleyJoe on SpringUriah at the end of the dayJoe getting ready to ropeJoe in the farm truckOne of the hay crewsGrosbeaks in front of the cattleUriah and TarinUriah and DannyCy on a water breakBobby MarkholtMossyrock blueberry farm in the winterthe 2012 supermoonUriah and Jeepersthe sun through a forest fire hazethe front of Salmon Creek Meatsanother glorious sunsetbald eagle poking at a dog boneJoe and Uriah and practice ropeswinter snow, looking toward the loafing shednew laying hen chicksUriah and Joe checking out the herdsurreal vision of cattleJoe and SonaUriah with the baby goat "Bea"the haying crewhorses showing the cattle how to relaxJoe stacking hay
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