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Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns

Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns (GAPS, Paleo)

1 serving (easily multiply ingredients for more)



  • (Ingredients for 1 serving. Multiply as needed)
  • 1 cup spagetti squash threads from a roasted spaghetti squash
  • 1 Tbs. butter, ghee, lard (real lard), or coconut oil
  • Sea salt, to taste


  1. Place the spaghetti squash threads in a clean kitchen towel and wring out as much water as possible over the sink. The squash will shrink in volume by about half.
  2. Heat the oil/fat over medium-high heat in a sturdy skillet. Add the drained squash and compress with a spatula into an even layer over the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle the top with sea salt. Cook until golden brown, then flip. Sauté on the other side until crispy. Sprinkle with more salt and serve.
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