Pricing for Custom Meat Cutting and Wrapping, Curing/Smoking and Poultry Processing

When you bring your meat to us, since you are the one eating the meat, why should we tell you how to have it cut?

Do Not Be Afraid

Who knows how you should get your meat cut? You do! We will guide you, step by step, through a cut sheet to determine what your needs are. You can always ask questions and offer your input; it's your meat. And we love newbies!


We offer custom cutting and wrapping of  a variety of animals including beef, pigs, lamb, goats,  bison, buffalo, beefalo, yak to name a few. The cost for cutting and wrapping is:

 Beef, Pork, Buffalo, Beefalo, Bison, Yak, Exotics $.64/lb, $64.00 minimum.

Lamb, Sheep, Goat $64.00 each or $.64/lb for animals over 100 lbs

Boxed Meat Option: We can box your beef or pork for you as it is cut and wrapped, ready for taking home with a closed lid. This takes more handling time and more space to freeze. Your meat will be boxed and conveniently ready to take home, no coolers or totes required. This cut and wrap charge is $.70 per pound and a $1.50 per box charge. Each beef quarter or pork half usually will use 2-3 boxes. Boxed lamb, sheep and goats under 100 lb. are $70.00 each plus box cost.

 Nitrate Free Curing/Smoking is $.99/lb and is charged by the weight of the meat to be cured/smoked if we the process the carcass.

Curing/Smoking for meat you bring to us that was cut elsewhere is $1.78/lb if we wrap and freeze after smoking or $1.19/lb if you take it home and wrap your meat after curing/smoking, $20 minimum.

Pork breakfast sausage is included at no extra charge for the first 10 lb per half with pork processing. After 10 lb. of breakfast sausage per half the cost is $1.00 per additional lb.

 Poultry Processed January through August 1 only.

 Frying Chickens $5.50 to $7.00 per bird depending on size, giblets not included.

Turkeys $15.00 up to 22lb. and over 22 lb. is $18.00 per bird, giblets included.

Sorry, we do not process water fowl

 *We have to pay to dispose of waste material so there is a $2.00 per quarter charge for large animals or $2.00 per half for smaller animals for waste disposal. This pays about 22% of our disposal costs.


**ABANDONED MEAT: We will not keep meat that has not been picked up after 30 days from the time it was ready. It is our primary goal to reunite a customer with their meat. Sometimes things happen beyond anyone's control, we get that. But it is up to the customer who is having issues to convey that to us. Otherwise any meat left beyond 30 days will be disposed of.

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