Our Farm Philosophy

How do you live an "ethical" farming lifestyle?

When Joe and I were first married, we dreamed of having a farm like the one he grew up on in rural southeast Tacoma. When we finally found our ground in Mossyrock it was a dream come true. We built our home and gradually added animals; dogs, cats, chickens, horses, beef cattle, goats and some pigs. 

We choose this lifestyle out here because we wanted to raise our daughter on a farm so she could develop a sense of self and strong work ethic. We are connected to the animals and our environment. I grew up in the suburbs so this has been a 24 plus years learning experience for me. We are blessed our daughter has always known this life and grown up caring for the animals. We are blessed that our land has healthy soil that has never been sprayed with toxic chemicals that are so prevalent today.

Most farmers I know are very emotionally tied to their animals. Anyone who does not eat meat might not understand. But it is our guiding philosophy that our animals live a stress free life. All of our animals have names. Every time we butcher an animal it does create anguish, but we also experience a sense of thankfulness. We are thankful for the animal giving us its life to sustain us. We are thankful for the unpolluted plot of earth that sustained the animal and the Creator of all who let us exist in this time, with a home and enough food in our bellies.

It may sound sappy but we look around at the rest of the world and we know we are very, very fortunate. If we can pass a little along then that's what we will do.

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