Nitrate Free Curing/Smoking

Bring us your pork. We can cure and smoke it without the use of chemical nitrates or nitrites.

Most commercial hams and bacon and many other deli meats contain chemical preservatives such as sodium nitrate or nitrites. This is to extend shelf life and enable shipping across long distances and extended periods of time. The problem is that nitrates and nitrites mix and mingle with your stomach acids to create nitrosamines, which science tells us damages human DNA and causes cancer. Many of these products also contain MSG as a flavor enhancer. MSG has also been implicated in allergic reactions and Alzheimer's disease.

We do not use these chemicals in our meat curing and smoking process. 

As a result your meat must be kept frozen, but the upside is your DNA will remain intact, your brain cells will stay happy and you will be able to remember how wonderful your hams, bacon and sausages tasted when you ate them!

We also use sea salt and not celery salt in our cure.

Custom curing and smoking price is:

$1.19/lb if we initially cut and wrap your whole or half pig. This is charged by the weight of the meat to be smoked only.

If you bring us your meat to be cured/smoked (hams, bacon, hocks):

$1.99/lb if we cut, wrap and freeze your meat after curing/smoking, $20 minimum.

$1.39/lb if you take the smoked meats home to cut and wrap yourself after curing/smoking, $20 minimum.


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