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We Know and Trust These Local Producers and Are Proud To Recommend Them To You!

Kindle Hope Farms- Pasture raised frying chickens in Chehalis


Frying chickens, all organically fed with a strict no antibiotic diet and pasture raised. Joe and Deanette raise chickens that taste delicious. We have tasted them and can highly recommend these chickens to you. Discounts given for purchases of 10 chickens or more.


August Moon Blueberry Farm, 164 Damron Rd., Mossyrock                                                                                                                


No chemical sprays on these berries! Stephanie's kids do a great job picking the best quality berries. These blueberries are the largest, sweetest and most flavorful we have ever purchased. Freeze some for the winter!

email address is groseblueberryfarm@gmail.com


Rising River Farm, 13208 201st Avenue SW, Rochester                                                                                                          


 Organically raised vegetables, Herbs, Strawberries and Vegetable Starts.

We can't say enough wonderful things about this hardworking farm family. We have been buying from them since the mid 1990's. We especially love their tomatoes, pickling cukes, dill, beets, and onions but everything is quite fabulous. They are honest and their produce is always gourmet quality. Check out their farm recipes and see them at the Olympia Farmer's Market. 

Wells' Winery, 140 Eschaton Rd., Onalaska                                                                                                                                
360-978-6254 or 360-269-2936
No added sulfites in your wine! If you are sensitive to preservatives then this is your wine. We have known Carol Wells for nearly 20 years. She uses local fruit and her wines are delicious. Some of our favorites are the peach, strawberry and the apple. Oh and then there's cranberry and blackberry and blueberry. Who can choose? Why choose, just get one of each.
August Farm, 11545 Independence Rd. SW, Rochester
Two of the hardest working women in farming. Liza and Marianne are the jewels of the Chehalis. They are busting it out raising fabulous whey fed pigs, pasture raised chickens, hertitage turkeys and grass fed lambs. And they are making the world a better place at the same time. They care about their animals and work very hard to provide a humane environment. They are also great people to know and work with.
Silver Thistle Farm, Winlock, WA
Farm raised frying chickens at their best. It takes so much hard work and time to raise the perfect fryers and Ed and Cynthia Wallace have this down to a science. They are methodical, ethical and clean. Their frying chickens straight from their farm taste like chickens used to taste; full of flavor. There is just something different about a farm raised chicken that the mass market can't reproduce. But you can find it here.


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