Lee Markholt's Certified Organic Grass Fed Beef

Raised on Uncle Lee's Farms in Southeast Tacoma and Onalaska

Uncle Lee raises his beef in accordance with the WSDA Organic Certification Program. All hay is certified organic and the land where the cattle graze is certified organic. 

Please note the weights will be slightly smaller in the spring than in the summer. (Availability late April to Fall and whole weights will be between 400 and 500 lbs  this time of year, the weights listed below are summer weights)

Beef can be purchased by the whole, half or quarter:

Whole Beef is $4.99 per pound, average weight 650-700 lbs, $200 deposit.

Half Beef is $5.49 per pound, average weight 325-350 lbs, $200 deposit.

Quarter Beef is $5.79 per pound, average weight 160-175 lbs, $100.00 deposit.

We will cut and wrap it according to your instructions.

Call us or email with any questions.


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