Game Is the Name

Yes, we also cut wild game!

Bring us your deer, elk or moose. Yes we said moose. You must have a tag and larger animals must be quartered. We can skin or quarter your animal, but we will charge you. We will cut and wrap it for you and do a nice job. We do not mix any customer's meat so you only get back your hard earned food.

Game cut and wrap is $.79 per pound, $79 minimum. 

Bring us your game trim for burger.

Grind and wrap, $1.00 per pound, $20.00 minimum.

We also make all kinds of chemical free sausages and smoked meats out of your own game. Again, no mixing of any customer's meat. Some shops will not make that promise, but we do. Plus you get only your own meat back, we promise!

Turn around for game is usually a few days to a week. Sausages take longer. Joe's Summer Sausage or Pepperoni are definitely worth the wait.

Click on the link below for our sausage price list.

 Sausage List and Prices


Sorry, we do not have cooler storage space for game carcasses that we do not cut and wrap.



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