There are plenty of people in the game, why are we different?

Good questions. We are glad you asked!

We understand very well, THIS IS YOUR FOOD! It is important to you. You care about what you eat; what you put in your body. We are different because:

We take more time to cut; more efficient trimming off the bone means more cuts of meat come back to you. 

We only cut one half at a time. No confusion as to whose meat is on the table. So when we cut your meat there is no chance of getting it mixed up with any other order. You only get your meat back. 100% guaranteed!

Everything stays marked in our cooler, Joe checks the carcasses every day to determine the best time to cut.

No mixing of customer's meats, ever; in the cutting or sausage making. Ask around if anyone else will make you this promise.

We are a small, family business. We run the whole show to keep expenses down. We are here to make a living, not to get rich.

We are skilled at what we do with over 36 years experience in the meat cutting business.

We treat your food like we would want our food processed.

This is our promise to you.


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