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Welcome to the blog (when we have time to write). Most of my thinking happens out in the field, by the time we come in, poof, it is gone and it is time to go to sleep.
Posted 10/26/2013 11:52pm by Sona Markholt.

So many choices about how we think, how we choose to live, what we do with our time, what we think represents us as people. But when we die, does anybody really think God is going to ask us, "Were you a Democrat or a Republican?"

Posted 10/17/2013 11:50pm by Sona Markholt.

This is the busy time of year. The season started late this year and seems to be very compressed. More work in a shorter period of time. But just when you think you are all give out with not one more atom of energy left, here comes a grateful customer with a smile on their face and they tell you, "Thank you!" It makes it all worth it to connect with all these wonderful people year after year and meet new ones every year, too. 

Our customers are the best!!!!!

Posted 10/12/2013 5:33pm by Sona Markholt.

I was able to attend a weekend seminar a couple of weeks ago put on by the Weston A. Price Foundation. Two of the topics were regarding bone broth and fermented foods. I am short on time so briefly, both these types of food benefit the gut. Bone broth is full of crucial nutrients as well as hyalauronic acid, glucosamine and collagen. It helps to heal leaky gut, which many of us are suffering from. 

Fermented foods like krauts, yogurts and kefirs are of the utmost importance in healing the gut. They provide probiotics that have been destroyed by antibiotics most of us have taken and a the high carbohydrate diet that we have grown up on.

Both bone broth and fermented foods are simple to make at home and would do you well to become a part of your daily food routine. 

More instructions and resouces about broths and fermented foods when I have more time or you can google these subjects for more information.

These websites are also helpful.

Posted 8/11/2013 8:30pm by Sona Markholt.

Our friend Pat, Blaster, Qunell just deposited 35 lbs of Pacific Yellow Fin tuna in our cooler. Have you ever canned tuna? Once you've had it you will never go back. I just put the pressure canner away after the green beans last week. Time to get it out again.

We picked our plum tree and made 24 pints of plum chutney. For all you canning fiends out there, try the "Putting It Up With Honey" canning recipe book. We made the plum chutney last year and have people asking for it when we go to family functions. It is sweet and spicy and something adventurous outside of the plum jam realm.

Next up: peach, tomato salsa. This stuff is hoardable so beware who you tell if you make it or you will have none left for yourself. Save it to share with the Mother Theresa in your life because it is that special.

Good luck fellow canners. The season is on!!

Posted 8/4/2013 2:51pm by Sona Markholt.

Blueberry season is started a bit early in Mossyrock this year. Not to worry there is still some time to get yours to freeze or just enjoy. While we are known for our blueberries in this area, some producers use chemical sprays on their fruit. We are not going to debate the safety of chemicals on fruit right now, but if you are looking for chemical free blueberries then call Grose Blueberry Farm in Mossyrock at 360-983-3455 or 520-2442. Stephanie Grose said the season will be short for her this year so do not delay! $3.00 per pound or U-pick at $2.50 per pound. 

It is important to support small farmers who are trying to keep chemicals out of their food production and ultimately out of our bodies. 

We buy and eat these fantastic, huge, flavorful berries and consider ourselves fortunate to have a great source so close at hand. Joe and I highly recommend Stephanie's blueberries to anyone who loves healthy food.

Posted 5/26/2013 9:09pm by Sona Markholt.

When we wake up every day we are thankful to be able to be so in touch with the earth and the animals.

We live in an area where free range is tested on a weekly basis. You see, our cattle are restless and the grass is always greener two miles down the road. It seems the cattle regard the fences as more of a suggestion than an order. So when our neighbors don't see our cattle walking the neighborhood, they start to question if all is right in the world. We have great neighbors!

It is about time to move half the herd to the lower pastures. Joe and Uriah will do this on horseback with their ropes at their side. 

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