Alaska Beef Shipments

Grass Fed Beef Shipped By Barge To Our Valued Alaska Customers

We are very happy to ship our Grass Fed Beef to our Alaska customers.

The cost is $5.29 per pound for quarters and halves. There is a box charge of $2.00 per box for waxed, moisture resistant shipping boxes. A quarter usually takes 2-3 boxes.

Deposits are $100 per quarter and $200 per half. Deposits and full payments are required before processing and then shipment of beef.

We use AML to ship and customers are responsible for paying their own shipping costs.

We take orders from separate individuals until we have enough orders to process two beef.

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions.

Quarters are standard cut and the cuts below are based on an estimated hanging weight of 150 lb. which can vary. In a quarter you can expect:

T-bone steaks 6-8 steaks

rib steaks 6-8

filet mignon 3-4

sirloin steaks 3-4

chuck steaks 4-6

top round steaks 3-4

cube steaks 6-8

3-4 packs of ribs

4 packs of stew meat

1 package flank strip steak

2-3 pot roasts

2-3 chuck roasts

2-4 boneless roasts; sirloin tip and rump

about 30# of burger

3-4 packs of soup bones

Beef halves are roughly double the above amounts and are cut and wrapped to our customer's specifications. We will email you a cut sheet and instructions to help you make your choices.

Please note that a hanging weight means the weight when a beef is butchered, weighed and rolled into the cooler for aging. Depending on the cut a beef will have a cutting loss of about 25 to 30% from hanging weight to finished product. We do a very nice job of trimming to minimize cutting loss so your receive the maximum amount of Grass Fed Beef back. 

We want you to value your experience and be a repeat customer!

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