About Our Farm

Our ethical standards in raising our animals and operating our business.

We believe every person should have access to locally grown, additive free meat. We raise grass fed beef for ourselves and want to make it available to those who do not have the resources to raise their own food.

We do not believe in the standard feedlot model of hormone implants, antibiotics and corn based diet for beef cattle. Feeding cattle too much corn is like feeding your kid chocolate bars every meal. It damages the bacterial balance in the digestive tract. Cattle that eat a grass diet are higher in omega 3 fatty acids, which are crucial to the nervous system and cardiovascular health. 

We do not and have never used chemical herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers on our land. These chemicals are not safe for humans or animals.

We also believe it is important to create a stress free environment for the cattle. All this translates to what we believe is a healthier product for us and our customers.

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