Respect your body, respect the animal, respect the earth you are borrowing. This is our belief.

Our shop is a safe place for everyone, where every person can expect to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness.


We are open during the virus outbreak. Pickups are by appointment only. Make sure you have a set time, come in at your time, back up to the freezer, stay in your car, honk your horn, we will come out to you.

Any person dropping off an agricultural product or picking up a processed meat product is considered an essential action according to Governor Inslee's list of essential businesses. To view list click on this link:

WA list of essential businesses

If you know someone who needs help with food or other necessities or you want to donate or volunteer you can contact these organizations, click on the blue for links:

Lewis County United Way or call 211

or call Visiting Nurses at 360-623-1560

Hang in there everybody, be patient, wash your hands, help your neighbors, respect social distancing. We will get through this.

"Without empathy, nothing works."

Chef Jose Andres, World Central Kitchen.



We are now scheduling for  2021, INFINITY and BEYOND.

Call  or email to book your butcher date.

August, September, October and November 2021 are full.

There are openings in March, May, June and July.

        Custom Meat Processing

        Your meat cut your way.

We treat you the way we want to be treated. That means you receive only your meat back and as much meat as possible because we take the extra time to trim carefully and not throw your valuable food into the waste barrel.




 "Whenever you start feeling sorry for yourself just look down; there will always be someone less fortunate looking up at you."

Joe Markholt

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