Respect your body, respect the animal, respect the earth you are borrowing. This is our belief.

Our shop is a safe place for everyone, where every person can expect to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness.

Healthy Food Should Be Affordable

Our goal is to provide chemical free, grass fed beef at an affordable price. To raise a healthy animal you do not need to pump it full of candy corn, insert a hormone implant or slip antibiotics into the feed. Our beef cattle have access to healthy, green grasses and clean water. We work very hard to keep expenses down so our beef is affordable.


We are now scheduling for  2020, INFINITY and BEYOND.

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        Custom Meat Processing

        Your meat cut your way.

We treat you the way we want to be treated. That means you receive only your meat back and as much meat as possible because we take the extra time to trim carefully and not throw your valuable food into the waste barrel.

 !!! Reminder:  Our Own Grass Fed Beef Will Be Available May of 2020 Depending On The Weather

$3.99 per pound for wholes, halves and $4.09 per pound for quarters.

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Throughout 2020

Whole or halves, free of antibiotics, hormones or additives.

*Nitrate free hams, bacon, hocks. 

**Great with applesauce or even a little maple syrup. Yum!

$3.99 per pound total cost including smoking.

*we use sea salt, not celery salt

**We  cannot be held responsible for excessive salivary response.


 Now offering Lee Markholt's Certified Organic Beef. 

Raised in accordance to the WSDA Organic Certification Program. Available now. 

Go to our Products Services menu or contact us for more information.


"Whenever you start feeling sorry for yourself just look down; there will always be someone less fortunate looking up at you."

Joe Markholt

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